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Any realty company today, in 2017, should be providing all the traditional marketing methods, such as billboards, mailers, 24/7 agent support, and of course, a great, user-friendly website. So, we won’t bore you with the typical marketing spiel that you have come to expect. Instead, let’s see what makes Clark Brothers Realty the best company available to sell your home for top dollar.

Honorable Service

Selfless service with the best interest’s of our clients coming first doesn’t just start at the business level. For us, it began at childhood, was strengthened during our time in the U.S. Army, and has continued to grow as we’ve served in our churchs’ student communities. That same level of service in every personal area of our life is the service we offer our clientele.


We always place the most qualified brother on every task, from finding the perfect home for our buyers to selling our clients’ homes through the use of digital marketing.


Prospective buyers of your home are brought by boat for homes with lake access, something that has always proven to be a thrilling experience for those purchasing.

Digital Marketing

Most everyone has heard tales of the amazing possibilities that social media platforms provide, but doing it successfully is a whole other story. Our digital marketing capabilities are second to none and are led by Luke Clark, someone who has spent the last 16 years living and breathing anything marketing related. He has spent the last several years in the Atlanta Startup community, working with both consumer and business-focused marketing teams, honing his influential craft. He has now brought this zeal and experience with him into the real estate industry, along with a killer marketing approach that is intensely focused on the buyers, sellers, and brand advocates of those who love all that the Clark Brothers stand for and provide.

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